There are many natural and man made wonders around the world that will make your jaw literally drop. Our beautiful planet is home to a large variety of magnificent and breathtaking landscapes that will astound you, and make you feel like you are on a different planet. This is because they are so wondrous and probably unlike anything you have ever seen before. Although a photograph can highlight some of the majestic qualities of a landscape, you need to explore the area in real life to fully understand the magnitude of them. Here we have highlighted some of the most jaw dropping landscapes to trek.


The Most Jaw Dropping Landscapes to Trek Around the World

If you like to explore and are wondering where to go for your next adventure, consider the most jaw dropping landscapes to trek around the world. You could simply visit one of the landscapes, or if possible combine trekking two or three of them to make a memorable journey. For inspiration, take a look at our guide to different landscapes which we think we appeal highly to your visual senses.


1. Grand Canyon, USA

The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and a beautiful sight to behold. It consists of several layers of reddish colored rock, with the Colorado River running through it. You get an amazing view peering over the edge of it and there are several tours that you can take to witness it in all its glory including hiking and rafting, as well as mule riding, but you will need to book a mule ride one year in advance if you consider that tour option.

Grand Canyon, USA is one of the most jaw dropping landscapes to trek


2. Tianzi Mountains, China

The Tianzi Mountains are a structure of very unusual looking tall, thin mountains, with the main peak 4,142 feet (1,263 metres) above sea level. They were formed 380 milion years ago after pillars of quartz sandstone were eroded by running water. After the long process of stratification, there are now over 2000 sandstone peaks of varying width and height, making it one of the most jaw dropping landscapes to trek.

Tianzi Mountains, China