With so many beautiful places to visit in the UK, choosing your favorites can be hard. This guide will help you make your list.

Beautiful Places to Visit in the UK

Beautiful Places to Visit in the UK

Stonehenge tours and Scotland vacation packages are just two of the great things to see in the UK.

Stonehenge Tours, Wiltshire

This is one of the most well preserved historic sites in Europe, and the monument is steeped in the history of the area. Whether you go there on your own or take one of the many Stonehenge tours, you will get to witness the wonder of the stacked stones and explore artifacts and relics that date back to the Neolithic period. The visitor center is a great place to see more about the people who build Stonehenge, and they have a 5,500-year-old man on display.

The White Cliffs of Dover

This cliff is part of the coastline of England and faces France. Composed of a mixture of chalk and black flint, the cliffs can reach heights of up to 350 feet. The cliffs stretch through the town of Dover in the county of Kent. The cliffs have long formed a natural guard against invasion and are located at the narrowest part of the English channel. Historically, the cliffs at Dover were a place where people arrived or left England, so they were once the first or last thing people saw. During your visit, watch for the many species of sea birds that call the cliffs home and make sure you bring your camera so you can take photos.

Scotland Tours of Loch Ness

Many Scotland vacation packages include a stop at Loch Ness. Not only is the place renowned for its beauty, but it's also the place where many people have reported seeing the legendary Loch Ness monster, aptly named Nessie. The lake itself is fresh water and is the second largest in Scotland. Make time to visit the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition to learn more about the history and legend surrounding the lake. At the lake, you can participate in water sports, have a picnic or enjoy the stunning scenery. Scotland vacations simply aren't complete until you've made a stop at Loch Ness.

Loch Ness, Scottish Highlands

The Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Originally built as a palace for King George IV, this palace is truly a beautiful sight to behold. The palace itself combines the look of a British castle with Indian and Chinese charm and decor. Once at the pavilion, there are quite a few areas you must see to make your tour worthwhile. This includes the banqueting room, the music room, the great kitchen, many royal bedrooms, the Prince Regent gallery and the gardens. The palace was used as hospital during WWI and offers up history that dates back 200 years.

Brecon Beacons, South Wales

This national park located in Wales offers up some of the most breathtaking scenery you'll see anywhere in the UK. The area has a wide range of lovely little places to stay, but you can also camp in the park. During your stay, take advantage of the beauty of the area by doing some rock climbing, biking, sailing, horseback riding, hiking or stargazing. There are a variety of nature reserves, gardens, waterfalls and castles within the park that make it a worthwhile addition to your itinerary.

Smoo Cave, Scottish Highlands

One of the most beautiful places to visit in the UK and a place that frequently appears in Scotland tours is Smoo Cave, located in the Scottish Highlands. You can find the cave on the Eastern edge of the town of Durness. The cave is quite large and is a great way to see some of the beautiful archaeology and geology in the area. Legend has it that the cave was once used as a smuggler's hideaway, and there are a lot of supernatural tales that involve the cave. There are also many chances to see the wild plants and animals that live near Smoo Cave. Scotland vacations aren't the same when you forget to see Smoo Cave!

Glen Nevis, Scottish Highlands

Scotland tours aren't complete until you make a stop at Glen Nevis, which is one of the most beautiful places in the entire country. The glen towers above Fort William and is surrounded by some of the highest mountains in the British Isles. Each summer, there is a 2-mile river race held at Glen Nevis, and there are a variety of waterfalls to see in the glen, too. Photographers and nature lovers will truly enjoy making the trip to Glen Nevis when visiting the UK.

Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

Chatsworth House offers several hotels and cottages so you can stay right on site and enjoy all the beauty the place has to offer. The house itself is home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire and has been in the Cavendish family for 16 generations. Along the walls hang more than 4,000 years of art, including ancient Roman and Egyptian sculptures, original works by Rembrandt, and many more modern artists. The Painted Hall, State Rooms, Sketch Galleries and the Sculpture Gallery are parts of the house that are not to be missed. You'll also want to make time to see the garden, farmyard and park as these make it one of the most beautiful places to visit in the UK.

Chatsworth House, Derbyshire