Here are just 15 of the fantastic experiences that will make for an unforgettable holiday experience…

Tallinn, Estonia – Visit Medieval Houses and Peaceful Woodlands

The capital city of Estonia is an enchanting city certain to have something for all visitors. A particular highlight of a visit to Tallinn is the beautiful forests of the region – in fact, Estonia is almost 50% woodland, and is also home to the world’s tallest pine tree! This can be found in Põlva County – at 46.6 meters high, it's thought to be around 214 years old! Back in the city of Tallinn, there is no shortage of beautiful architecture from the medieval to the Soviet era – a must for a real look into this country’s incredible history.

Discover medieval houses and peaceful woodlands in Tallinn, Estonia


St Petersburg, Russia – See the Stunning Canals of the ‘Venice of the North’

St Petersburg is a stunningly beautiful city, built on water – which led to it to be dubbed by Goethe as the 'Venice of the North'. It is certainly, like Venice, a romantic city – and the canals are the best way to travel and explore. You can view many of the city's beautiful buildings and gardens in the most relaxing way. A visit in the summer is the ideal time to see St Petersburg at its very best.

Witness the incredible and historic canal of St Petersburg